An update on our Christmas Bucket List!

An update on our Christmas Bucket List!

Christmas bucket list
Gingerbread house YES!
Decorate the tree YES! holiday
Decorate the house YES!
Make cookies Soooooooooooo MANY!
Hang the stockings Of COURSE!
Make ornaments Yes, but we should do more!
Send Christmas cards YES!
Make snowflakes Sort of… We tried, but it was a bit more than Connor could handle.  I will see if I can find a simpler way to do it this week.
Winter craft project YES!  But I am sure there will be more!
Look for the Elf on the Shelf YES!  Here and Here and Here and Here!
Write Santa a letter YES!
Visit Santa and deliver the letter YES! Santa
Drink hot chocolate and eggnog Many times!
Listen to Christmas music YES!
Hope for snow to build a snowman YES and YES!  But no pictures… he melted already!
Advent calendar YES!  Sometimes we skip a night but we always make up for it!
Read Christmas stories YES!

Elf on the Shelf

Watch a Christmas movie YES!
Make a wreath YES!  But just a pine wreath with some bows, berries and bulbs.  Nothing blog worthy!
Eat candy canes!  Well… I think some may arrive on Christmas Eve!

You can print one of you own here: Christmas Bucket List





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