High 5 for Friday: Things that aren’t bad about being over 40

Today my husband wished me a happy 29th birthday! A bit of a running joke in our house.  When teaching Connor different facts about his life – how old he is , where he lives, etc.  I tried to teach him the answer to how old mommy is is “29”.  He just laughs and says “too many”!

I think that turning 29 was probably the most emotional birthday for me.  The anticipation of turning 30!  Now that I am officially over 40, I have come to appreciate that there are some benefits to getting older.

One: I am content.  I don’t feel that sense of urgency to speed up time and get to to the next “thing” in life.

Two: I don’t feel like I am missing out on anything.  I can stay in every Friday and Saturday night for a year and be quite happy about it!

Three: While it wouldn’t hurt to win the lottery and we won’t be retiring anytime soon.  I feel like we as a family are self sustaining and independent.  I feel like we are making good financial decisions and we are working well together as a couple to make those decisions.

Four: I feel like the rest of the world pretty much treats me like I am adult.  I haven’t been the youngest in my office in a long time, but I often still felt it.  I am not the youngest in my family by far, but I am no longer one of the kids.

Five: I am kind of okay with the squishy bits, the wrinkles and the gray hair.  That is not to say that I am not purchasing products and scheduling appointments to prolong the inevitable, but I am not crying in the car in a parking lot after spying a new flaw.  Just buying more wrinkle cream…

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Happy Friday!


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