We have a bug flying around here: Sick kids!

Nothing is worse than sick kids.  As a parent, I absolutely dread the first signs of fever, sniffles and coughs that are just inevitable in the winter if you allow you family to interact with other human beings.

My husband is always in denial.  It is so hard to tell when he is sick, unless there is an obvious cough or laryngitis.  He always denies being sick and thus I can never figure out what symptoms are headed our way if he is the first one infected.  Most often the germs travel littlest on up. We have the added benefit of TWO day care settings to bring in some extra germs as well this year.

So the blog has been a little quiet lately while I monitor fevers (is it me or are digital thermometers completely unreliable), try and figure out the right dose of medicine for each kid and try to keep the boogers at bay. And then just as the kiddos are feeling better, the mama is down for the count…

In trying to convince Connor to take a little medicine to help his fever, I try to explain to him about germs inside of you that make you sick and the things we can do to help get rid of the bugs.  He has heard his teachers and sitter use the expression “there is a bug going around” and he interpreted as a “bug flying around”.  And in a very brief January thaw we had we somehow had a mosquito in the house.  So as you can imagine, Connor is convinced that this is THE BUG that is making him sick.  So when he saw it flying around the room, he is convinced that the bug has left him and he doesn’t need to take his medicine anymore.

How cute is that!


SIck baby hair!



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