Snow Days are Craft Days for Kids

Living in New England, we spend most of our time inside.  Given how much I do not like the cold, I spend as much of my time inside as I can.  No, I don’t know why I live here! I want my kids to be able to go out and play, but Amelia is still pretty little and Connor isn’t quite old enough to go out by himself, so when we are home, especially on a snow day, we are inside curled up next to the fire.

One of Connor’s favorite activities right now is craft projects.  So for us snow days are craft days for kids! His definition of “craft” is anything with glue and construction paper.  He really digs glitter and googly eyes, but those are a bit of a challenge.  I haven’t found a good strategy for contain the glitter and Amelia is a big fan of ripping off the googly eyes.

Inspired by our attempt at Toilet Paper Roll Turkeys, I started saving the empty tubes up and we went to town creating “critters”.

First up… Turtles of course!  We are all turtles all the time these days.


Then Connor made them a house to live in – and a pizza of course!

craft days for kids

Next up was our family, you know – and Frosty!

Our FamilycraftAmelia had already lost her eyes by the time Connor had finished our “house”. It was really interesting to see how Connor picked out the different colors for hair and skin color.  I am a particular fan of my purple hair.  He calls me a rock star!
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