Cookies on a Cereal Box

The other day I noticed this recipe of the side of the Market Basket Tasteeos.  I don’t normally think much about recipes on the outside of food containers, but this one looked pretty easy and sounded yummy! Oh – and we actually had all the ingredients on hand. I know it says “energy balls”, but they are really cookies – trust me.


I made one small modification – I used chocolate chips instead of raisins.  Connor is pretty anti-raisin these days.  No idea why….

I microwaved the butter, honey and peanut butter for about 30 seconds to soften everything up.  This warm mixture then melted the chocolate chips a bit when I mixed it in with the dry ingredients and really held everything together nicely.  I did refrigerate the mixture a little bit to make it easier to roll into balls.  Connor is getting super good at rolling the cookie balls in the coconut (which apparently, he will eat again… no idea why…) He did have a lot of practice rolling peanut butter cookies in sugar at Christmas!


This is one of these recipes that was super easy for my kids to do with me.  Connor and I have been cooking a lot since he was pretty little.  Amelia is just starting to join in on the fun!


The verdict!  Yummy!  You might even be allowed one for breakfast with your pancakes!


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