Amelia’s 21 Month Update

This is Amelia’s 21 month update.  Almost time to start planning the next birthday party! I stole this post idea from Lori over at I Can Grow People. She does them for her son Porter and her daughter Quinn.

What Amelia is Wearing These Days:

  • Mostly 24 months but a few 18 months still fit.  She has a few 2T and 3T shirts that are long, but cute over leggings.
  • Size 5 diapers at night, but mostly pull ups during the day!  They are just easier to get on her and stay on better.
  • She quickly grew out of her size 3 sneakers and is well on her way to growing out of her pair of size 4. They had the style of size 5 on clearance so I grabbed them.  It won’t be long now!
  • And she is big on dressing herself!

21 months

What Amelia is Eating:

  • She continues to be a really good eater, at least in eating most things we give her including meat and lots of fruit.
  • She is not eating quite as much as she used to though.
  • I fear she is about to start getting picky.  Every once in a while she will refuse to eat something.  It seems to be mostly because she is overtired, but it makes me nervous nonetheless.

Birthday cake face!

What Amelia Likes These Days:

  • Baby dolls still.  Sometimes it seems like I have an extra baby to take care of!
  • Dancing, especially to the Frozen soundtrack.
  • Coloring.
  • Helping us set the table.  Although she seems to end up with ALL the silverware at her place setting.
  • Minnie Mouse and Dora, especially on her pajamas.
  • Sitting as close to the wood stove as possible (and getting very dirty)

Amelia 21 months

What Amelia Doesn’t Like These Days:

  • Sharing
  • Sleeping through the night
  • Waiting for anything
  • Getting out of the house in the morning in a quick and orderly fashion.

21 months

What Amelia is Doing:

  • Going to “school” three days a week with Connor.  She quickly moved up from the infant/baby room to the toddler room and is transitioning well.
  • Shaking her head yes and no!
  • Coloring and crafting with her brother
  • Really playing with her brother instead of just beside him
  • Walking down the stairs instead of crawling down backwards (i.e. giving this mama daily heart attacks)
  • Opening and closing all of the baby gates, especially on the stairs.
  • Gymnastics!  She started her first class after the holidays.  She is much more interested in observing than participating so  we think we will hold off on another session until the fall.


What Amelia is saying:

  • Mama……… still all the time
  • What’s this?
  • Whatcha doing mama?
  • Juice (for anything liquid).
  • Bobby – for baby
  • At her new day care she asked her teacher “Where’s the food?” on day two!
  • Overall she is just much better at communicating.  Her ability to understand what we are saying and following directions is fabulous!


What We are Working On:

  • Sleeping through the night
  • Sharing toys
  • A little bit of sign language.  She seems to be more receptive to this than her brother.  He would just rather say it than try and figure out the sign!
  • Weaning.  It is not going well.
  • Getting that LAST tooth to pop through!  (Hopefully that helps the sleeping through the night thing too!)



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7 thoughts on “Amelia’s 21 Month Update

  1. I wish I had done a better job at this with my 2! I suppose I still have time to start with a 3 & 1 year old. Very cute idea. Jumped over from the Dwelling Tree, following on Bloglovin. Sarah @ 🙂

    • It is never too late to start! I didn’t start blogging until my son was 3 and my daughter was several months old. And there are so many different versions of ways to do it out there. Go for it!

  2. Oh my goodness, she is adorable. The picky eater phase is my least favorite although I think you should still have hope if she is asking where the food is 🙂 Too funny! My youngest is 21 months and we just recently starting sleeping consistently through the night. Hopefully very soon for you too.

    Thanks for joining the mixer this week 🙂

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