A blogging fail…

So the blog has been a bit light on the content lately.  Life happens….  there was the plague that hit our household like a thousand times over, as it does with toddlers and preschoolers…  But there was a lot of potential blogging activities and ideas that just simply FAILED! Let’s blame Pinterest, shall we?!?

A blogging fail…

First, there was the popcorn from our farm share.  They save some of the corn and dry it still on the cob so you can make popcorn.  I asked my friend who also participates in the farm share how to prepare it.  He said – “just pop it like you do regular popcorn”.  Well, I put a bag in the microwave so when I saw this video, I thought it made perfect sense.

blogging fail

This has to work, right?

Basically, you put the whole ear of corn inside two bags opened ends together so that one bag is inside the other.  This is so that the heat is trapped inside, but can vent just a little bit so things don’t explode and then microwave it.  People….  There was a FIRE in my microwave! So we even tried the hot pan method (think jiffy pop).  Just more smoke and burnt popcorn smell!


Then we had all those snow days compounded with holidays that meant we couldn’t go anywhere in the bad weather or when it was nice enough NOTHING was open and I had no place to go with these kiddos.  So I dug into my Pinterest boards and found the bazillion posts about putting paint in a plastic bag and taping the edges down on a table.  I mixed the paint with baby oil and used four different really expensive gallon sized bags and put all kinds of different color combinations of paint in the bags for my children’s entertainment.  Pinterest assured me that this would buy me at least 30 minutes of mess free educational entertainment so that I could at least clean up the kitchen.  NOPE!  Connor announced he was done before I could even leave the room to get the camera to document what a great bloggy mama I was. (And they did leak and paint and baby oil was all over the dining room table)!


Then there were the cute car wash ideas, again, all over Pinterest.  Basically, you give the kiddos a pan of soapy warm water, some toys and cleaning tools (I opted for small sponges and old toothbrushes). I put in a selection of toy cars and other toys that could withstand some scrubbing that I thought might interest both kids.

blogging failConnor feel apart approximately .2 seconds after I did manage to snap a few photos.  There were BUBBLES on his HANDS! And Amelia played long enough to completely soak through her outfit.  At least the living room floor got cleaned a bit!


Connor has been super into legos lately and Amelia is finally old enough to stop eating them, so I thought that we could safely set up a lego table on the train table.  Connor has also been really frustrated in finding different pieces that he is looking for so I thought that a sorting activity might keep both kids entertained while helping him organize all those tiny pieces in a way that he could understand.

After flipping the train table mat over the the blank side, I laid out construction paper corresponding to the different colors of blocks he had.

blogging failAmelia is also developing a good grasp of color matching too. She was able to sort a few peices.  I think we only managed to match one block per color before Connor just climbed up on the table and played away with his legos.

Verdict: Legos are always a WIN, but SORTING FAIL!

This past weekend, we did manage to pull off some nice tissue paper flowers made with small tissue squares and modge podge.  But this mama didn’t dare try to juggle modge podge and her new camera………

There is always next time!
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17 thoughts on “A blogging fail…

  1. Okay, I kind of love this post. Too many times people only talk about the “wins” of life, but how authentic are you to write this?! So funny, and I am completely in your shoes most of the time. 🙂

    • It is a bit overwhelming sometimes. Sometimes there are some awesome ideas and sometimes I do wonder if there isn’t a team of crafters that live with these moms!

  2. Yup. I totally get it. There have been times where I attempted to be a cool mom, whipping out the latest cool trending thing on Pinterest, only to have it be an epic fail. I appreciate this post so much.

  3. I blame Pinterest for making everything look so easy and fun. I agree with the other comments. It’s refreshing to hear your honesty because we have all been there. Thanks for sharing with the Mommy Mixer.

  4. This is a great post! We’ve had so many Pinterest fails & I”m so glad I’m not the only one! We just did a candy Rock Cycle experiment and it was an epic fail! I ended up in the kitchen by myself finishing the project because it was too long and complicated, not at all like the cheerful little how to video we saw with perfect candy rocks resulting! Thank you for posting! Stop trying so hard for a while & just let the kids decide what to play with. 😉

  5. Looks like my kind of week! I’m so glad you shared this because so many moms only talk about the stuff that works, which makes you feel like a bit of a failure when you can’t recreate it! I’m adding that car wash activity to my Tot School list because it looks like it could be fun if the kids are in the mood to cooperate, I’ll wait for warmer weather so we can do it on the deck though!

    I’m making time in my day to snoop around your site some more.

    Oh and I’m here from Krystal’s weekend linky 🙂

    • This warm weather is definitely making all these things much harder! I can’t wait to try more stuff when we can be outside!

  6. That was humorous! We all have those moments. Thanks for letting us share them with you! Thanks for linking up with the Bloggers Brags Pinterest Party. I have pinned your post to the Bloggers Brags Pinterest Board!

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