An update: Connor turns 4 and 3/4!

Today Connor is FOUR and THREE QUARTERS! Which means he is almost FIVE! This is his update.   I stole this post idea from Lori over at I Can Grow People who does updates for her two adorable kiddos!

What Connor is Wearing These Days:

He has generally been pretty easy going about what I put on him.  He likes certain character shirts or pajamas, but for the most part he wears what I put on him.  Lately he has been interested in picking out his own clothes!   His wardrobe is pretty basic and all, but on occasion he does look a little strange.

He wears some 3T pants – that are long enough, but more 4T.  He prefers pants that pull up rather than a button and fly.  His 3T shirts are way too small, but he still have few favorite that he has a hard time letting go of. and finally 5T shirts don’t look so ginormous. He is still wearing size 9 sneakers and I just bought him some TMNT ones!

updateWhat Connor is Eating:

Connor has made some serious strides in this department!  He is still a picky eater, but he has shown more and more interest in looking at other food, smelling it and even letting us put some on his plate without freaking out.  He is eating CHICKEN NUGGETS!  And if we put a variety of foods (that he likes) on his plate he may eat some or all of something he didn’t request himself.  This is a super big deal.

What Connor is Saying:

Connor goes through these waves of learning new vocabulary and then learning to say words correctly.  Right now he has soooooo MANY words sometimes it is hard to always understand what he is saying.  Boy does he like to talk.  He likes to ask us about our day at the dinner table and he likes to talk about where we are going to go on vacation.  The other night, he kept prodding me – “Let’s talk about stuff, Mama” So we talk.

Connor updateWhat Connor Likes These Days:

  • Frozen, the soundtrack, the snowman and dancing to the music!
  • Legos – we are back to full on lego mode again.  Big ones, little ones, the books.  They are every where!
  • Still some TMNT, but less about the action figures, you know, ’cause I bought him Raphael and Michelangelo
  • Superheros!  He recently seems to be much more interested in these guys where has hadn’t paid much attention before.

What Connor Doesn’t Like These Days:

Listening and following directions.  Does this sound familiar?  We are back to sticker charts to get through the morning and bedtime routines. While he has become much more independent, he is also much more silly.  In fact, he gets one sticker just for not being silly while getting ready for bed.   It isn’t just being silly, he gets wild and destructive when being silly.  Toys and books are flying through the air and he just can’t settle down.

What Connor is Doing:

He is really into dancing these days.  The other morning I walked into the living room and caught him rocking out to his favorite country radio station.

His drawing and writing has greatly improved since he started preschool.  I have started to tuck away some of his drawings and hope to get focused enough to do some kind of organizational “thing”.

UpdateWhat We Are Working On:

Being able to settle down and not get out of control when he can’t seem to hear us. Granted is almost always a happy/silly out of control, but still can be destructive.

More and more letter recognition is becoming word recognition.  He doesn’t quite seem to have the patience for phonics and spelling quite yet, but he likes to copy and we are looking more and more at the text when we read stories.

Connor Update

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6 thoughts on “An update: Connor turns 4 and 3/4!

  1. What an adorable little guy you have! My boys are almost 7 and we are still working on “settling down” at certain times of the day too.

    Thank you so much for sharing at this week’s Super Saturday Afternoon Tea!

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