Spring Flower Craft

There are no spring flowers to be found outside – in fact more snow is in the forecast!  So we made a spring flower craft for the inside.

We used the same technique as the Valentine’s Day Window Heart.


This time I used much smaller squares of contact paper which made it much more manageable for each kid to decorate his and her own square. It put down a square of contact paper sticky side up and let the kids go to town with a box of pre-cut tissue paper.

spring flower craftThe smaller sized squares made it much easier for me to put the top layer of contact paper (sticky side down) on with just me.  The heart was so large, I needed my husband to help me place the top piece on! Then I used a template I made from construction paper to cut out the flowers.

spring flower craft

At four and 3/4, Connor was more focused and had a greater attention span to spend time carefully laying out his pieces, but lost steam trying to fill it all in.  Amelia on the other hand, had a shorter attention span at 21 months, and was more into the wild abandon that is small pieces of tissue paper!

Spring flower craft

Amelia’s flower

Do you see all that snow?!?!?!?!??

spring flower craft

Connor’s flower

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8 thoughts on “Spring Flower Craft

  1. Very cute! We’ve made “stained glass” window ornaments like this over the holidays a few years back. Fun & super easy. Thanks for being a fabulous co-host on the Learn Through Play hop!

  2. Looks like fun! I also love your blogging fail post because it has happened to me many many times! For some reason I couldn’t comment on that post though.

  3. Those look great! I keep seeing this stained glass activity. If this one made it past the blogging fail category and into the kid-approved category, then I might actually give it a try. (P.S. found you from the Learning thru Play hop.)

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