Dying Easter Eggs and Science Stuff

On one of the warm days we had last weekend, Connor asked if we could dye our Easter eggs.  Connor recently decided that he likes hard boiled eggs and I was going to take full advantage to get some extra protein in him.  The warm weather allowed us to dye the eggs outside on the deck. Using the basic egg dying kit – the kind you dissolve the tablet in vinegar,  also got me thinking about some of the Pinterest posts about baking soda and vinegar…

Easter Eggs and Science!

First, we colored our eggs using the tablets that you dissolve in the corresponding colored egg shaped cups with vinegar.  It would be nice if they would help label what color each tab was because they do not look like what they will dissolve into! I use vinegar in all but the pink color.  The box recommended that you just use water to get a more vibrant color.  This will come in handy later!



Egg Dying and Science

Then I pulled out a cookie sheet and covered it with a thin layer of baking soda, again all out on the deck.  I also pulled out some of their old plastic baby spoons because they don’t hold very much liquid, but would still be easy enough to spoon the colored vinegar for both the little ones.


Easter Eggs and Science

We talked about the different consistency of the baking soda and the vinegar (powder and liquid) and I also asked Connor what he thought would happen if we mixed them together.  He was quite sure it was going to turn into some kind of colored mud. Then I let them boy try to spoon a little bit of the colored vinegar on the pan of baking soda and watch the fizzy chemical reaction.

Boy was he excited when he saw what really happened!  We also tried the pink – no vinegar mixture to see what would happen.  It was such a great opportunity to talk about cause and effect, making guesses and other sciencey stuff!

Amelia got into the action too.  She was pretty easily able to spoon on the vinegar into the tray and had a blast mixing all the colors together.  She also figured out that if you spooned the baking soda into the cup of vinegar you got an even bigger (and messier) reaction.

In recounting our rather jam packed weekend, Connor declared this his favorite activity.  Yeah – a Pinterest win for this mama!

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12 thoughts on “Dying Easter Eggs and Science Stuff

  1. Sounds like great fun. I want to try out some of the baking soda science fun with N as he’s just getting to the right age. My concern is that he’s already climbing on chairs to get food he wants, so if he decides to do the same to grab ‘science’ experiment ingredients, I dread to think what migth happen. #letkidsbekids

    • The prepackaged egg stuff comes pretty easily and is great for outdoors! I also bought some after (half price) for later – great way to get my son to eat eggs!

  2. Great ideas. We’ve not dyed eggs before, I’d like to try that next year. Science for children is fantastic, we had a mini volcano experiment kit like that and the look on the children’s faces when they see the chemical reaction in priceless!
    Thanks for linking #LetKidsBeKids

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