Friday Five

At the end of the week it is nice to celebrate the good things.  Some weeks are harder than others…

Happy Friday!

1. Spring! I have finally been able to leave for lunch without a coat and maybe crack my office window.  Still wearing sweaters though. The weatherman indicated that I may actually get to pull out some summer stuff from storage this weekend.


Unrelated Connor selfie!

2. Things are blooming. Although I swear our house is the last in the state to have daffodils blooming – and just a few, many other spots don’t even have buds yet.


Wow- that picture didn’t focus at all on what I wanted it to!

3. Warmer weather means Connor didn’t cry at t-ball practice this week.  Thank goodness! He got a uniform too which I am very hopeful will help him get more invested in this activity.


Really – he is not crying! Just inspecting the grass!

4. We also got to enjoy a picnic dinner while Daddy was umpiring. By picnic, I mean I threw together a couple of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the kids that they didn’t really want to eat once we got there.


5. Amelia is officially done with the baby swing!  *sob* She is so much braver that her brother./  I guess she just wants to do everything he can do.  She even climbs the ladder and goes down the slide totally by herself!


Have a great weekend and a Happy Mother’s Day!



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