Handprint Flowers for Mother’s Day

Connor and Amelia helped me make these handprint flowers for Mother’s Day.  We gave them to my mom, their memere, but now I wish I had made more!

Handpring flowers

We used some card stock that I happened to have on hand.  It had a bit of a sheen to it, while that wasn’t what I was looking for, kind of gave the flowers a nice shimmer.

I let both kiddos pick out their colors from my collection of acrylic craft paint.  While I was not surprised that Amelia picked pink, I was surprised that Connor picked purple!  I added some yellow thumbprints to make the middles!

handprint flowers

I had the kids just go to town making handprints all over a few sheets of card stock after I painted on a nice thick layer of paint on their hands. Then I cut them out and assembled them with a pretty thick layer of rubber cement. They look so sweet. I was kind of sad to give them away!  The kids were very proud and loved giving them to memere!

handprint flowers

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17 thoughts on “Handprint Flowers for Mother’s Day

  1. Those are so cute. I love things like this and have a little box that I keep special things the kids give me. Thanks for sharing on Merry Monday.

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