Friday Five: Our laptop is dying

It is Friday………..  Our laptop is dying………… I have no new pictures to share…….

So in the spirit of High Five for Friday…

Friday Five good things about our laptop dying!

1. Of course, these means we get to buy a new laptop!  One that has all its keys and a working battery! I just wish it wasn’t so overwhelming.  Really what I need to do is just go into the closest box store and buy whatever is cheapest.

2. This means that we can give the kids the old laptop – if we can get it functioning just a little bit. While they can both use the ipad easily, I think they should develop some “old school” typing and mouse skills.

3. It also means that I get to wander across campus and visit a colleague with some computer skills who kindly offered to help retrieve the last five years of photos and documents.  Yes we have backed up – but not for a few months!

4. It does mean that we are laptop free which requires us to be less plugged in in the evening.  Of course there are other devices, but not so convenient.

5. Our laptop lived a good long time.  Yes, it had its ups and down……….. Yes, it was missing a key or two…… But it made it five years.  Not bad!

Here are some cute unrelated pictures of the kids that I did manage to back up on Drop Box!

Friday Five Friday FiveFriday Five

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