Let’s Play Garden Mama!

I will never forget the summer afternoon when Connor said “Let’s play garden Mama!” I have loved gardening and houseplants for long time.  I remember spending a lot of time outside growing up digging in the dirt and helping water. By far the most exciting part of being a homeowner was to be able to garden to my heart’s delight!  But gardening with two kids is never easy.  Gardening with one kid isn’t easy!  I figured that if I at least let him help, he would might be more willing to let me get some weeding done.

Play garden

This past weekend we spent as much time outside as we could.  We bought a few annuals and planted a few hanging baskets and boxes.  Kevin even put up a window box that a friend had found me at a yard sale last summer.  Both kids were more than excited to help.  Connor loves picking out plants at the nursery.  We have to be careful to reign him in!  This year he was all about the geraniums.  I am not a huge fan, but try as might I couldn’t talk him out of it!  As a result, his choose really drove the color scheme of the baskets this year.

play garden

Connor loves digging in the garden and looking for bugs.  Lately he has been on the hunt for worms and he wants to bring them inside!  This weekend it was all about the “scrubs”. Don’t try and tell him they are called grubs. He won’t believe you! One of Connor’s favorite books is the Diary of a Worm.  It is adorable picture book that is very funny, but also manages to squeak in some facts about worms too.

play garden

We also read The Dandelion Seed which tells the story of the life cycle of a dandelion flower which beautiful illustrations. Of course it makes it a bit challenging to try and weed the dandelions out of my flower beds when Connor is watching! He is very protective on them!  He loves to blow the dried seeds when the dandelion is fluffy.  I just tell him to blow in the direction of the neighbor’s lawn!

play garden

Amelia definitely liked digging in the dirt too!  She has become quite the flower thief.  I have trained Connor to at least pick with long enough stems to put in a vase.  Amelia – not so much.  She will even pick them before they bloom!

play garden

Flower thief!

We are looking forward to a long, long summer of outside play and learning more and more about how gardens grow.

Let’s play garden Mama!


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12 thoughts on “Let’s Play Garden Mama!

  1. Envious of your little plot of land! (Of course if I really wanted, I should buy some pots and dirt and just make myself a window garden). When we had our weekend house upstate, I remember weeding out giant mugwort with Noah on by back in a sling, and he found it hysterically funny everytime I pulled one out. Half hour of complete giggle fits. It was great.

    • As much as I love visiting the city, I can’t imagine going without a yard to dig and play in now! Of course – that is all there is to do in our town……..

  2. I set aside a plot to do a garden with my daughter, but with vacation and stuff, we just haven’t gotten to it. Your post has motivated me to make it a priority in the coming days!

  3. Lovely post. Our back garden is full of swings, slides and climbing frames so with children and animals bounding all over it I have given up on any plants surviving out there! The children and I have a small but rather lovely flower garden out the front and we all love to tend to it. #learnthroughplay

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