My baby boy is FIVE today!

Today Connor is five.  FIVE!  FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE!  This is his update.   I stole this post idea from Lori over at I Can Grow People.

What Connor is Wearing These Days:

It is finally warm enough to start wearing shorts and t-shirts.  I did save a bucket of bigger stuff from last summer and so far he is still able to wear it all.  He is growing up, but not so much out, so we can easily get away with last years’ shorts.  We did get a few 4T shorts that he will be able to wear well into the end of the summer.

His tee ball uniform was HUGE on him.  He looked like he was wearing pajamas!


What Connor is Eating:

Connor still remains to be a picky eater.  His favorite dinner is yogurt right now and we have learned to keep the freezer stocked with frozen cheese pizza.  He just east the crust and sauce though at the cheese piles up. He is super excited for the strawberry and blueberry picking this year and I am hoping he will be just as excited to eat the berries.five

What Connor is Saying:

It appears that Connor had definitely picked up some more colorful vocabulary from preschool.  Some of which he sings about.  He says that if he is singing the bad words, it doesn’t count.

What Connor Likes These Days:

Connor loves to be outside and playing.  Or inside and playing.  He loves ALL the toys!  He loved every part of our vacation and is still talking about it.  He does seems to genuinely like preschool these days – which is good because he is going all summer.

c five

What Connor Doesn’t Like These Days:

Being cold and getting hit with a baseball!  This was his first year of tee ball.  It started out really cold and ended with getting hit on the arm with a pretty powerful ball (given that it is still tee ball). He gets scared easily and I worry that he will focus on the bad experiences and refuse to try things like this again.

Today, like everyday, getting dressed in the morning is by far our biggest battle.  He is FIVE!  He CAN do it himself, but he wants me to help and I give in because I need to get out the door.

What Connor is Doing:

While he is the littlest on the team, when the weather was nice, he did love playing tee ball.  He is really in tune with being a part of the team.  He was super excited to have the end of the year celebration with the other kids. We are taking a break from scheduling too much this summer and he has asked to do gymnastics again in the fall.

Everyday he is becoming more and more independent about other things.  He wants to go outside and play by himself.  He wants to do everything himself, except when he is over tired and cranky and then it all falls apart.


What We Are Working On:

We need to help him get a better handle on being frustrated.  He gets frustrated when he can’t do something, or his sister is bugging him and he goes into a complete meltdown.  I don’t want him to “toughen” up, but instead learn to calm down and ask for help.

Getting ready for school next fall!  He is so excited to start Kindergarten at the big school.

Happy Birthday to my BIG FIVE year old boy!


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5 thoughts on “My baby boy is FIVE today!

  1. Happy Birthday, Connor! And happy birth-day to Mama! Noah’s still a picky eater at age 9–he and Connor will complement each other nicely over pizza as Noah prefers the cheese and leaves half the tomato sauced crust behind. Kindergarten is HUGE.
    Would you be interested in submitting a story about Connor for Konga Line? I’m looking for a Rumpus King for July. I need BOY stories and who’d be more perfect than another Mama blogger. Got any juicy meltdowns you can share? Or food stories? I’d love to know what colorful words he’s singing 🙂

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