Birthday Party Themes: Minnie Mouse and TMNT

This year while we combined the kid’s birthday parties, we still had separate parties for our families and then one for the kids’ friends. For the family party, I did a Rainbow theme. For the kids party, I tried to cater to their particular obsessions right now and there was no doubt the perfect birthday party themes would be Minnie Mouse and TMNT – or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

The Invitation

birthday party themes

I designed the card in PicMonkey and printed as 5 by 7 photos at Snapfish.  They are super cute and glossy.  I need to invest in some envelopes that fit 5 by7  photos better.

The Games

While our family parties are all about the food , a kid’s party is all about the games.  Connor, Amelia and I made everything together, which wasn’t always easy to do with two kids.

Turtle Eggs

Last year for Connor’s fourth birthday party, the theme was dinosaurs and we made dinosaur eggs.  This year Connor wanted to do it again so we were very lucky that Turtles are also egg layers!

birthday party themesWe enclosed those adorable turtle erasers in a combination of dirt and the ingredients for salt dough (flour, salt and water).  I start them off drying by baking them for a 4 to 5 hours at the lowest setting on my oven and then we rotate them in the sun outside for a few days.  We buried them in Mama turtle and let our friends dig them up and them bring them over to Dad who was awaiting with a hard surface and a big hammer.  I also brought out a bucket of water for the kids to finish rinsing off the turtles (and their hands). It is so important to have dry sand to bury the eggs in.  Those eggs just soak up any dampness!

Pizza Throw

birthday party themes

We decorated some white Frisbees with construction paper to look like pizzas.  We have a bazillion of them left over from our wedding. Both kids loved gluing on the “cheese”.  I threw in a couple of Minnie Mouse disks too.  I used some bright colored triangles to dress up a clean pizza box – and BOOM – a Pizza Throw!

Minnie Mouse Bean Bag Toss

birthday party themes

To make the board, I used plates and bowls to trace large circles on black foam core board and then cut them out with an exacto knife. I then glued some more bright colored triangles on the back to give a bit more color.  I made the bow out of wrapping paper I stapled the center loop to the board and then slide in a large “envelop” I folded from the paper and pulled out the edges to create the bow shape.  I  I found some cute Minnie Mouse fabric and sewed some quick “bean bags” – shhh… we used left over rice from a sensory bin! Connor spotted the TMNT balls at Kohl’s and they were the perfect size.

The Pinata

birthday party themesConnor wanted a pinata, but the cost of store bought ones are ridiculous!  We made this one with everything we had at home.  I used a basic paper mache recipe, cooked  flour and water. I used a balloon left from Amelia’s party.  We used newspaper for the first layer or so then green paper for the second and third layers so there was less painting.  I used craft paint I had on hand and a sharpie to draw the details.  We stuffed it with fruit treats (still in the package) and the kids had a blast!

The Menu

birthday party themes

With the kiddos I kept it simple – cupcakes and lemonade!  I instantly fell in love with these TMNT cupcakes on Pinterest (there are so many to inspire you!)  and quickly found a good Minnie Mouse design as well.  Both were super simple and easy to decorate the morning of the party.  The oreos get soggy after a few hours and the eyeballs start to absorb the color of the frosting after the first 12 hours or so.  (Not that eating the leftovers isn’t tasty!) It turns out that those candy eyeballs are in just about every cake decorating section around. So many great ideas the kids and I came up with for the left over eyeballs!

 Thank You!

birthday party themesOur thank you gifts were a pencil and book instead of goodie bags filled with plastic stuff.  I had been stocking up when ever we ordered from Scholastic and we had a really nice selection.  Both kids and parents seemed happy with the books!


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26 thoughts on “Birthday Party Themes: Minnie Mouse and TMNT

  1. Love how you combined the two theme – that piñata looks amazing, and the bean bag toss – I’m pinning this to my party ideas board 🙂

  2. Thanks so much for linking up to the Merry Monday Link Party! The kiddos look like they had fun. That’s really all that matters— well, and your crafts were super original! That is important too! Hope to see you next week!- Treana @

  3. Wow you are a great party planner! I was planning on having a party for my son but its just too stressful for me so I backed out. I promise to do a party for him on his 5th tho and I will always go back to your blog to seek inspiration =) #LetkidsBeKids

  4. Oh Ann, you’re such a mama! Teenage mutant Ninja Minnie Mouse party looks like it kicked butt. Turtle head piñata was brilliant–did the kids manage to crack it without killing anyone?

  5. You did an amazing job with this party! I l love all the homemade elements. The turtle eggs are so creative and fun. I imagine the kids will always remember what was revealed when their eggs ere cracked open with a hammer. The piñata you made is adorable. I am pinning this. Thank you for sharing on Artsy Play Wednesday. We look forward to reading all your posts.

  6. I love your goodie bags! There’s only one friend that I get good goodie bags from and I feel like most of them are filled with a bunch of cheap junk just to give something away. I’m not sure why we are so obsessed with giving things away at the end of a party, but I think it’s now expected. ((sigh)). Anyway, Bee LOVES Minnie Mouse and I love the party ideas. If the kids were closer, we could probably mimic this for two of our children, with my son liking TMNT. LOL! We’d have to scale it up a bit though, he’s 10! Thanks for sharing with Creative Style!

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