Birthdays without the party

Obviously I love to plan themed birthday parties for my kiddos! Just this year we had a rainbow birthday party to celebrate the kids’ birthday with our family and a Minnie Mouse and TMNT party to celebrate with their friends.  But I do try and make their actual birthdays with the party very special too!

I try and take the day off from work to be home with them.  Fortunately, both of their birthdays falls a good time for me to do that.  I dread the day when they will need to be in school on their special day.

To start each birthday day off right I make pancakes!  I have tried different recipes and have found that regular old pancake mix with bright sprinkles thrown in makes the best “funfetti” pancakes.  While I always make them with milk instead of water, lately I have been throwing in a little kefir too, especially blueberry. Occasionally I am successful in creating requested shapes.  More often than not, I am lucky to get a successful round one!

pancakes Collage

This year, Connor and I chose our local children’s museum to spend Amelia’s birthday.  She is still a little too young to be able to express her opinion on such matters!

Children's museum Collage

However, when I talked to him about how he wanted to spend his day this year, he asked me to send Amelia to the sitter’s and spend time at home with me making “crafts” for his party!  So we spent the day putting the finishing touches on the pizza throw, Minnie Mouse bean bag toss and stuffing the pinata!

We gave both kids the presents from us the evening of their birthdays.  We attempt to have a special dinner for them, but it usually looks like very other night’s dinner.  We had a small cake for Amelia’s birthday and opted to go out for ice cream sundaes for Connor’s.

presents Collage

Ultimately I try and create a special day for each child, both in creating family traditions, keeping things “even” so nobody feels the other one got more of something, but in making each child feel super special on their birthday even without the party.



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14 thoughts on “Birthdays without the party

  1. Visiting from HDYDI. I agree that making them feel special is so important. We will be taking our 2 year old to the zoo for her birthday this week. I also plan on making cake and blowing up balloons.

  2. Lovely to make kids birthdays special. Love those pancake shapes, I could never manage that. Looks like they had a great time. Unfortunately as all 3 of my kids share a birthday I can never create individual birthday fun for them.
    Thanks for linking #LetKidsBeKids

  3. You hit the nail on the head by emphasizing the relationship and making each child feel special and loved! That is way more important than any party you could ever throw 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing at this week’s Thoughtful Spot!

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