Friday Five!

I haven’t done a Friday Five post in a while and it seems like a good way to wrap up the week!

1. There is an ULTA that opened this week in a nearby town.  I am waiting to go in with a friend so she can help me navigate!  I am soooooooo excited! I love this kind of stuff and it has certainly taken a back seat since I had kids (which is also probably the last time I bought new eye shadow).

2. My baby brother turned 27 this week!  In just a few years he is going to catch up to me! Here he is at our wedding when he was just 19! He is a hard working young man and I am very proud of him!


3. After all the rain, we had a really great weekend with lots of family time, weeding, baseball and fireworks!

Friday Five

4. I got a smoking hot MacBook Pro for a project at work.  It is soooooooooooooooooooo shiny!  I just like looking at the screen all lit up with pretty pictures!  I am sure it does other stuff too.

5. Kevin is almost done staining the deck.  He did it in sections so that we could still use it.  It looks great and I am really glad he did it.  The kitchen still lives in demolition mode, but at least we can eat on the deck!

Friday Five

High Five for Friday!  Yeah!



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