Learning Colors

Learning Colors

After our trip to the Crayola Experience, I noticed the only color Amelia could clearly identify was pink.  Or as she referred to it, “Mine”. This may be my fault because of this and this too… Anyway, I decided it was time for us to be a little bit more thoughtful about learning colors! One of the challenges I find is to create activities that can reach both kids.  Connor is so quick to jump at finding the answer Amelia sometimes gets left in the dust.

Amelia learning Pink

Learning Colors with Books

Some of both Connor and Amelia’s favorite books are the Priddy Books, especially Happy Baby Colors.  The colors are bright.  The photos are simple and beautiful.  The babies are gosh darn adorable.  Between the two, we have spent hours reading these books.  Connor loves to be able to read them to Amelia now!

learning colorsScavenger Hunt by Color

While at our favorite hardware store, I picked up an assortment of bright square paint chips.  I liked that they were one bright solid color and the paint chips are printed on strong sturdy paper.  During our first adventure, Amelia held on to the paint chips and Connor ran around outside and found things in that particular color.

Learning ColorsSorting with Counting Bears

We received these awesome counting bears when we participated in a grant funded Ready for Kindergarten program offered at our local elementary school.  We started participating when Connor was two and attended 6 sessions.  These cool bears and cups are awesome for all kinds of things: colors, sorting, counting, patterns and even math.  I had tried sorting colors with Amelia a few months ago and she didn’t quite get it.  This time she immediately caught on and sorted away.  She thought it was pretty funny when she got a bear in the wrong color cup.

Learning Colors

She definitely has a better grasp of colors than I thought she had.  The sorting activities are just challenging her enough to find successes. While it is hard for Connor not to try and “help” her, he is enjoying helping her learn her colors too.

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30 thoughts on “Learning Colors

  1. We’ve been working on colors a bit here and there for a little while now. I actually just set up a few color sorting activities for my son today, too 🙂 I love the idea of using those little bears that I keep seeing, but can’t find any here in the Netherlands. We’ve been using buttons instead, and while, like you said, the color sorting activities are a challenge, my son has been enjoying them, too!

  2. I love the scavenger hunt idea…although I might find it a bit tricky as I’m red-green colour blind and comparing 2 colours presents a problem. Maybe in time my daughters will be teaching me colours!

  3. total side note… but for some reason growing up we called those bears “icky bears” I’m pretty sure my grandmother got them from her kindergarten class, but I have NO IDEA where the term icky bears comes from.
    ANYWAY….. awesome idea with the paint chips! I may use that on my nephew 🙂

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