Update: Cape Cod Bucket List

We had a wonderful week at Cape Cod this year!  We go to the cape each summer for a week and each year I feel like we didn’t really get to do all that I had hoped we would.  This year I created a Cape Cod Bucket List to help our family plan our activities for the week.

Cape Cod Bucket List

How did we do on our bucket list?

Beach days!

Swim! – Oh yes – lots of beach days and lots of swimming time for the boy. Amelia isn’t very interested in the water. But for safety’s sake, I am kind of okay with that.
Build sand castles – We built Elsa’s castle and Anna’s castle, and Hans’ castle and we were about to start of Kristoff’s when the tide came in.
Collect seashells and rocks – Fortunately Connor found a special place next to the garden at the house to store his collection so they didn’t need to come home to NH!
Read books – I read a WHOLE book!  The grown up kind – without pictures!
Write in the sand – We didn’t do any sand writing this year.  Hmm… I guess we forgot!
Fly a kite – Oops… Mama left the kite at home!
Eat dinner at the beach – Almost – we had ice cream instead!

bucket list

Sunny Days

Visit a lighthouse – One warm evening we checked out Nauset Light and saw the Three Sisters.
Go on a whale watch – Not this year.
Play miniature golf – Connor did pretty well and even Amelia gave her ball a few good whacks!
Have ice cream – A few times!
Go to a baseball game – We tried to go to one of the Firebird’s summer baseball league games.  Our children were not the least bit interested is sitting still and not climbing all over me and bothering the people around us.
Spend the evening in Chatham – We did this on Mama Daddy date night!
See kids’ summer theater – This is the second year we have gone to the Cape’s Rep summer theater for children.  This year was Lyle, Lyle the Crocodile!

Cape Cod Bucket List

Rainy Days

We didn’t really have any rainy days this year until the day we left.
Check out the Christmas Tree Shop – Of course!
Visit the Cape Cod Mall – Skipped it
Go to the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History – Not this year
See a movie in the theater – We saw the new Planes movie in 3D.  Well, most of us did. Amelia refused to use the glasses!

Cape Cod Bucket List

Just for Mommy and Daddy

Go on a dinner date – We had a lovely dinner in Chatham complete with a watermelon martini and lobster mac and cheese for me.  Daddy opted for duck!
See a concert at the Melody Tent – Not this year, but a favorite venue from past years.
Go to the Wellfleet Drive-In – We still have never been to a drive in together!
Take a beach walk – Not just us, but plenty with the kids….

Great vacation!

Cape Cod Bucket List


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