Kindergarten is coming

My little guy is starting kindergarten this year.  I have been preparing myself for this day.  Education is so important to me and to our family.  I have been very involved in his preschool since before he was born.  My husband is on the school board for the elementary school he will be attending. We attended Ready for Kindergarten workshops so that we could prepare him the best we could.


And the time has come.  Today was his assessment testing. Later this week, he attends two mornings of kindergarten camp and school starts next week. I met with the school’s guidance counselor for a few minutes while he was doing his testing.  I kept expecting her to look at his paperwork and tell me that we were a year early! Fortunately, after his assessment, nobody told me I hadn’t prepared him and to come back after we got it right.


We did a little school shopping, just him and I, after his assessment.  It was just me and him at Target.  He didn’t ride in the cart.  He walked beside me.  He put lots of things in the cart I had to take out. He picked out new Spiderman underwear and a Spiderman pencil case.  He picked out two new t-shirts and we had to buy socks in the big boy department after picking out new sneakers in yet another size bigger. He chose new crayons and pencils.


He is going to school.  He is is taking this next big step in growing up and being independent. I will probably have to stop asking for potty logs or checking to see what he is eating.  There will be school lunches and gym class and new friends. He will be learning so much in the next year. So much more in this next part of his life.  More than I can teach him.  More than being a part of a family can teach him.


I guess I better get ready.  He is ready!


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29 thoughts on “Kindergarten is coming

  1. Oh my! This will be such a hard day for me when it happens years down the road. I just know it! My son is super independent, and I have an inclining he will be thrilled to go, which will make it even more bittersweet. Tear.

  2. I guess I better get ready too! My twins are headed to school this year as well, and they seem more ready than I do. I love that you went shopping with him. I think I will do that next week. My little ones are so excited and I just spoke with their new teacher today! Aahh! I better take some deep breaths.

  3. My 5yo starts kindergarten next week too! His big brother is going into third grade, so is there to show him the ropes. He is so excited about it, I’m sure on the day I will have a little wobble, but for now I’m enjoying his excitement 🙂 #LetKidsBeKids

  4. From experience I will say that it is harder on the parents then it is on the kids 🙂 Good luck! Thank you for linking up to the Bloggers Brags Pinterest Party. I have pinned your post to the Bloggers Brags Pinterest board.

  5. I think that is always the way isn’t it? Whenever I’ve been worried about my son turning a corner or doing something new he’s always surprised me! It’s us parents who worry too much, but then that’s our job! School is such a huge milestone and one you will always remember #letkidsbekids

  6. Such a big milestone, great to see him grow up and move on and learn. Often the children are ready before the parents. My girls start school in a couple of weeks too, not sure if I’m ready or not.
    Thanks for linking #LetKidsBeKids

  7. Thanks so much for sharing your post at the #lovetolearnlinky. I hope you stop by and share again this Thursday. I can’t even imagine how I am going to feel when my kids reach kindergarten, such a huge milestone! I hope the year goes well for your son 🙂

  8. You sound like me, though we didn’t be any pre-k readiness classes/camps. I’m not ready for my little girl to be going to be kid school. I would gladly have her stay home with me forever, but, since I’m not going to homeschool I have to suck it up, act excited for her. She is beyond excited, can’t wait to go and make some new friends.

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