Mama survives Kindergarten Camp

This is a week of raw emotions for this mama!  Monday was Connor’s kindergarten assessment and then I took him to do a little back to school shopping. Wednesday was Preschool Commencement (even though he still has two days next week!). Thursday and Friday are Kindergarten Camp, two mornings to drop him off in his new classroom and get to know his new teacher and friends. Throw our wedding anniversary in there and I am pretty much a puddle of ALL THE FEELINGS!

kindergarten camp

I am so gosh darn proud of Connor.  He has tackled every new circumstance and new interaction with enthusiasm! He hasn’t shed a tear, expressed anxiety or worry or even hesitated at the doorway.  He marched right into his new room, found his name tag and took a seat next a friend from preschool and started playing.  Thanks goodness there were at least two friends in his class! I was bummed that he wasn’t in the same class as a few boys I would like him to build relationships with, but there will be time for that later.

I have held on to him a little tighter these days.  I held him close before we went off to Kindergarten Camp.  Probably a lot tighter than he would have liked.  I am pretty sure he will get extra cookies after dinner tonight and get to fall asleep in my bed too.  I am just feeling all the emotions right on the surface. So proud to be his mama.  So worried of all the challenges to come. What if he hates school? What is kids are mean to him?

The next few years are going to bring more and more of these emotional milestones.  Ones in which I am slowly letting go of my little people and letting them into the great big world.  As exciting as it is for them.  It is terrifying for me.




12 thoughts on “Mama survives Kindergarten Camp

  1. I totally understand, my son is in 5th grade now but I will never forget the emotions I had when he was going to Kindergarten. I felt like I had tossed my baby to the wolves. I worried and worried and popped up to the school several times during the day. (I made sure he didn’t see me.) He was fine each time. He enjoyed it and loved it and each day the baby in him would slip away. It was heart breaking and refreshing at the same time. Cheers to a great school year.


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