31 Days in October

After taking a bit of a blogging break, I am diving back in with the 31 Day Challenge at the Nesting Place. I found that last year, September was a difficult blogging month for me too and participating in this challenge helped me get refocused.  I had picked the theme “Stop, Drop and Parent” as a gentle reminder to myself that I needed to be more engaged with my children.  I had been struggling with juggling too many things and not really focusing on being in the moment with Connor and Amelia.

A year later, while it is always a struggle to be 100% in the moment, I think I am getting better at it. There are always new challenges, new balls to juggle, new needs and wants.  Each day as our children get older and more independent, it is easier to help engage them in the juggling. I am always trying to find new ways to engage two curious and excited children who are at two very different developmental levels.  Both my children are learning and growing so rapidly, it is challenging for me to keep up with them and engage them both at the same time.

For the month of October I plan/hope to blog everyday to share how I am engaging our family to become better parents, raise healthier and smarter kiddos! Please check out the other 31 dayers at the Nester and follow along with our journey.  I have also created a 31 Days Page you can access from the menu bar to list each post or from the cool 31 days button that is all over the place!.

31 days 2014


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7 thoughts on “31 Days in October

  1. Welcome back to the blogosphere 🙂 Thanks for the reminder of how important it is to be–and stay–engaged in your family’s life.

    Stopping by from #Write31Days, magicalmouseschoolhouse.com

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