Involved in Education

When Kevin and I were engaged and looking for a house to buy, we looked first at our places of employment and tried to find a place in the middle.  Unfortunately, there were not any stand out choices so we settled on a small town in NH that would make our commutes to work more bearable. However, one of the weaknesses in the small town was the education system.  That was eight years ago, and at the time it seemed to very far away. But here we are!


I first became involved in Connor’s preschool well before he was born. There were no licensed child care facilities with infant care in town. While it took longer than we needed, the day care that I help with was able to complete a capital campaign and build  new facility with an infant program!  The next year, Connor participated in the preschool education program and Amelia attended the infant care for about two weeks before she moved into the toddler classroom.


Kevin has stepped up to the plate lately. He ran and was elected to the school board last spring. He makes sure he picks Connor up after school each day so that he can touch base with his teacher. I quickly volunteered to sit on the search committee to hire a new teacher when Connor’s kindergarten teacher resigned the week before school started.

Kevin helped coach his baseball team last spring and signed him up for soccer.  Connor was very disappointed when he found out neither one of us wasn’t going to coach his soccer team.  While logistics made it impossible, I thought that maybe we needed to step back once in a while and not micromanage every single part of our children’s lives. While sometimes these commitments take us away from spending time as a family, we also know that our energy and committee involvement to our education system are a big part of the long term investment.

31 days 2014

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