Playing Soccer

Connor is playing soccer for the first time this fall now that he has entered kindergarten. He played baseball last spring and has gymnastic when he was much younger. This is the first time when I have really worried about him.  He is a little guy and certainly the teeniest on the field. In baseball I don’t think that it mattered much. Except that I kept yelling for him to stand up when he was in the outfield, and he already was standing!soccer

Now he is playing soccer, shin guards and all.  When he first got the shin guards we wore them for two days straight! Now he fascinated with the mouth guard. We finally got it to fit and it is in and out of his mouth all during the game and for several hours after.


He hardly knows what is going on and heaven forbid should the coach put him in a specific position on the soccer field. He won’t move from that spot.  He did score a goal in his first game.  In his own team’s goal… oops!  But no one is keeping score!  He runs around like crazy.  He loves going to soccer practice and to his games.  He loves running with the other kids, especially his friends in class.


And I am not minding sitting on the sidelines with the other parents, growing our circle of friends and exchanging funny stories or frustrating moments with people with kids the same age. Of course, all of this is happening as it is still light out and there isn’t frost on the soccer field yet!

31 days 2014


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