A Thank You Gift for a Teacher

teacher gift 3Connor’s original kindergarten teacher had an incredible opportunity to take a new position that was much better for her and her family.  While initially I was ready to go all Mama Bear, she committed to staying on until October 1st to provide a solid start and to transition in a new teacher.  Fortunately for us there was an excellent teacher already in his room.  The student teacher (working on her third degree!) agreed to take over so in all reality, she has been there from day one too!  Given the circumstances, we really couldn’t have asked for a better transition.

I knew it would be important to say thank you to his original teacher because it was such a heart wrenching decision.  And after years of living with teachers as parents, I knew that “#1 Teacher” gifts were a tad bit over done.  So back to pinterest we went where I had pinned this cool idea to make a potted plant special.  Unfortunately, it was something I pinned when I first started and whatever I did, I couldn’t find the original blog post!  Booooo!

To make our thank you gift, we took some of Connor’s original artwork from school and then added a few more colors!  Just basic water colors on sturdy watercolor paper.  I was hoping for some brighter reds and yellows, but he is all about the green and blue!

teacher giftI used the water colored paper to make these cool picks to put in a low, bushy plant that she could use as a house plant or in the garden.  We made a few flowers and added some more leaves and shapes that represented things from our community (yes, that is a pickle!) In the future, I would use rubber cement instead of white glue.  It did alter the intensity of the colors after it dried.

thank you gift

I thought this project was a great way to say thank you, give Connor an opportunity to be involved, but not give his teacher and unwanted trinket. She seems to like plants!

thank you gift

31 days 2014

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