3 Stages of Fizzy Cloud Dough

After being inspired by Powerful Mothering, we tried making fizzy cloud dough!

Fizzy Cloud DoughStage 1 of Fizzy Cloud Dough

Cloud dough is soft mold-able dough that is much looser than play dough. The basic recipe is 2 cups of flour and 1/4 cup oil.  Powerful Mothering replaced one cup of flour with baking soda so that it would react with vinegar.  Genius!  I found that I needed to almost double the oil to get a substance that would hold any shape.  Connor was very frustrated when it was too dry. Also, regular food coloring doesn’t blend well because of the vegetable oil.

fizzy cloud dough

Stage 2 Fizzy Cloud Dough

I added regular food coloring to the vinegar that Connor and Amelia dropped in with a dropper or small infant spoons. We had done a similar baking soda and vinegar with our left over colored vinegar after dying eggs. The kids knew just what to do and had a blast making the cloud dough fizz with the vinegar.

Stage 3 Fizzy Cloud Dough

The best part for Connor was after we had used up all of the colored vinegar and the fizzy was over.  The dough that was left was a super smooth and shiny bright green.

Fizzy DoughMy normally clean kid could not wait to get his hands in this and he spent more time with the dough after the fizzy was over!  It was a great project that I would definitely do again with them – but only outside!


31 days 2014

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5 thoughts on “3 Stages of Fizzy Cloud Dough

  1. What a great project! Candy colors are oil soluble. I wonder if it wouldn’t be fun to try mixing colors where you use a water-soluble color in the vinegar and a candy color in the oil!!

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