TP Roll Creations

Last winter, Connor, Amelia and I discovered the joy that is making critters from empty TP rolls.  We have made our family, the entire band of TMNT and a few odd bugs and  monsters.   When Connor spotted these guys at Love and Marriage, we were off and running to make another batch.

TP Roll CreationsThis was the first version of Elmo and Oscar.  I drew on the mouths and we used googly eyes (with a lot of glue). Amelia LOVES to pop off all of the googly eyes.  I don’t know why!

TP Roll CrittersSo then we replaced the googly eyes with paper ones, which is what Love and Marriage had done originally! For whatever reason Amelia doesn’t take these eyes off. Then we added Grover and Cookie Monster!  Cookie had an accessory, but I think somebody ate it!

This is a quick craft that Connor and I can do when he is feeling crafty and we have just a few minutes.  Sometimes it is while dinner is cooking or Amelia is napping.  We soon needed to do some image googling to figure out how to best proceed with some of the more challenging muppets.

TP Roll Critters 2There you have – Big Bird, Zoe, The Count and Abby Cadabby! The Count does have an excellent black cape that Connor designed himself.  Abby’s pony tails need some redesign, I am afraid. Connor has really become adapt at cutting and gluing and is beginning to imagine how to create each unique TP creation.

Critter CollectionOur entire collection!

31 days 2014

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