Books and sewing!

books and sewing

After watching Lyle, Lyle the Crocodile performed at the Cape Rep Children Summer Theater while we were on Cape Cod last summer, both Connor and Amelia have been big fans of crocodiles.  Our local librarians have been great in tracking down every last Lyle, Lyle book through inter-library loan.

Lyle booksWe also read an adorable book called My Blue Bunny Bobbit, a sweet tale about making a young girl and her grandmother stuffed animal for a new baby brother coming home, just like her own Blue Bunny Bubbit.

My Blue Bunny BubbitI used to sew and make quilts a lot, you know before kids! Connor while has never expressed much interest in sewing until we read this book.  Given his current obsession with Lyle, Lyle the Crocodile, it seemed perfect to make a stuffed crocodile.  After doing some quick research (aka Pinterest), I decided that using a simple pattern, basically just the outline of an animal sewed around the edges and stuffed, like a pillow.

First we needed the shape of a crocodile!  A quick image search gave us a shape we both like and enlarged it to fit the computer monitor.  Then I placed a pierce of large easel paper over the screen and Connor held it while I traced the outline on the sheet of paper.  I did this after explaining that Connor was never, ever allowed to do this!

Lyle 2

Next I drew in the seam allowance, making adjustments as I went, knowing that the simpler the lines the better.  I pinned the whole sheet to an old pillowcase that I had in my fabric stash.  While I rarely get to sew anymore, I still hold on to that stash!

lyle 3

I cut out the pattern, really keeping the lines simple.  Then I added some embroidery and embellishments, like the buttons, before I turned right sides together, sewed around the edges, turned right side out and stuffed!

Lyle 6

I later found these patterns, of the bunny and elephant from the book, online that are also very simple.

31 days 2014

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