Christmas Science for Kids

I was very excited to receive Carla’s ebook, 25 Christmas Science Projects for Kids from Preschool Powol Packets! Christmas ScienceThere are so many great science activities for kids, all with simple ingredients, directions and some explanation about the science concept you are learning about.

Christmas Science

I pulled out the book and Connor and I went through it, identifying what he most wanted to do and then I picked out a few more using the same ingredients or ones we already had on hand.  His first choice…. Santa Boogers!

Christmas ScienceFirst of all, go ahead and ignore the kitchen renovation going on in the background.  We have been ignoring it successfully for months!

Christmas ScienceSanta Boogers is a slime recipe made with white glue and borax.  I had never made slime before since Connor is my “clean” kid who literally doesn’t like to get his hands dirty.  I wasn’t quite sure how he would fair with this.  One of the many cool things about Santa Boogers is that it transforms before his eyes.  It isn’t goopy or sticky and is super cool to play with.  Both kids loved it!

Next up was different projects with pine cones and icicles!  I think we were able to do about 6 Christmas science projects from the book in one afternoon with plenty left to try when it gets closer to the holidays!

santa 4 santa 3

You can download 25 Christmas Science Projects for Kids or you can also check it out on Kindle!

31 days 2014

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