New Sticker Charts

sticker chartSticker charts are nothing new in our family.  I pull them out frequently when things get rough.  I have have used them for increasing positive behavior including morning and bedtime routines and especially potty training.  Connor has been very receptive and not so long ago I tried them again with both kids to try and get out morning time back on track.

Amelia was not quite making the connection.  I do think that mostly she is just too young to really get the concept, but she does love stickers!  And Connor needed some more positive reinforcement in a much more concrete “catch him being good” kind of way. So I tried something different.  In the past I used a grid system that was all inclusive and had categories for each day.  If something didn’t go right, there was a big sad empty space in a square. Connor had also received some sort of reward when it was all filled.  This was very helpful when we did potty training, but I was looking for something different.

sticker chart

This time I used a sheet of four cards, cut them up and let the kids glue together their own charts. I didn’t use any grids, just color coded paper and with the task at the top of each page. Connor gets green, Amelia gets pink!

sticker chart

I then helped the kids hang them up in the room that the activity would be taking place. This way there is immediate reinforcement for good behavior.  Without the grid, there is no pressure to fill every square and we can use some odd shaped stickers!

One challenge we are having is that Amelia really likes to take off the stickers.  She totally gets which ones are hers and which ones are her brothers.  She just likes to steal his!  But then again, sometimes she takes all of hers and puts them on his chart… You never know with that one!  Connor was also uncomfortable at first because there wasn’t a grid and he thus he didn’t know how many he would need to get a present.  He also didn’t seem to hear me when I said I didn’t think we needed to do presents this time!

31 days 2014

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