Playing together: siblings

Sometimes the best part of parenting is watching my children playing together.  I am often struck by how much they really do love each other.  As they get older and older, they play together more and for the most part, better and better together as siblings.


Connor quickly took to the roll of big brother.  He is always willing to show her books and his toys.  He wants to teach her how to do all the things that he can do.  And she is right there behind him, following him, talking to him, playing with him.  When she first started to crawl, Connor instantly tried to entice her into his room.  I am sure that sometimes he regrets that now, but they are always together when they are at home.


Sometimes when she seems really upset, Connor will do his best to try and console her.  He will run and try and find a toy to cheer her up.  When she has a boo-boo (that he didn’t mean to cause) he is right there beside her trying to make her feel better.  Just this morning he didn’t want to leave her after she had bumped her head, so worried and concerned about her.


Amelia will try and sneak him things after I have taken them away or said no.  After I had cut off Connor’s snacking she tried to feed him hers! In her sweet little voice she says “Connor, play with me?” She adores her big brother and loves him to pieces.

They sleep in Amelia’s room and play in Connor’s room. They eat together, take baths together, and miss each other when they are at school and the sitter’s.   They hug each other so tightly. And yes, they fight, over who brushes their teeth first and who gets to sit next to Mama when reading stories.  But they are learning to share and take turns and I love every minute of it!

31 days 2014

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