Placemats made with leaves

placemats made with leaves

We had finally worn out the favorite laminate place mats that the kids had been using so I promised we could make new ones with leaves.  Connor is a big fan of gathering leaves, noticing the colors, and gifting me with bouquets. He was super excited to do a leaf craft.  He remembered doing leaf rubbings last year, but the placemats seemed an easier activity for Amelia to do.

After the kids were done arguing over whose leaves were who and dumping them all out in the yard, we gathered a nice selection of leaves in different colors and shapes. We glued them down on bright colored construction paper that the kids chose.  Connor picked blue and Amelia picked pink – shocker!

leaf placemats 3

I used the Peel and Stick Laminate from Duck.  It comes in a smaller width and is much clearer than the Contact brand which we have used for heart and flower crafts which is a little opaque.  I left a wide border of laminate around the edge to make it as waterproof as possible.  However, it is still not a tight seal and should only be wiped off, but it has lasted several days already!

leaf placemats 2

The kids loved making them and they love dinnertime with the placemats that they made themselves, more so that the store bought ones.

placemats made with leaves

31 days 2014

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