Window Jack-o-lanterns

We could let the month of October go by without some kind of pumpkin craft!  After making valentine and spring flower crafts with tissue paper and clear contact paper, pumpkins seemed like another great craft that both kids would already be familiar with.

window jack-o-lanterns

Connor was super excited to make the pumpkins.  This kid is always up for a craft!  However, I was informed that we were doing it wrong as pumpkins needed to be be made with paper plates and a green hand print for the leaf according to how his kindergarten teacher made them last week.  He also put blue glitter all over his homework too.  I think somebody may have a bit of a growing crush!

pumpkin 2

Anyway!  We used orange tissue paper to make the pumpkin, a bit of green for the stem and black construction paper to make the face.  I cut out a bunch of circles, triangles and different mouths and the kids designed their own faces.

jack-o-lanternAt first Amelia didn’t have any interest in making a pumpkin until after she saw Connor’s completed jack-o-lantern.  Connor was a great big big brother and helped her design her pumpkin.

window 3

I had the kids create the jack-o-lanterns on the diagonal and then cut out the pumpkin shape after I placed the top sheet of contact paper on top.  Amelia was so funny – she only wanted to make a sad pumpkin!  I have no idea why!  We tried to make it smile, but she kept flipping that smile upside down and making the jack-o-lantern sad.

window jack-o-lanterns

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