Lower Case Letters (and a free printable!)

One of the areas that we needed to work on with Connor when he entered kindergarten was learning to identify all of his lower case letters.  Despite, thinking that we had this covered, this was an area that he needed some reinforcement with.

lower case letters

I found the following resources so very helpful (and fun too) and we came up with a few activities of our own!

Wildflower Ramblings published these awesome Alphabet Lego Cards: http://wildflowerramblings.com/homeschooling/alphabet-lego-cards-lowercase/

Life Over C’s created adorable printable cars for sorting and matching:

Of course there are a bazillion more on Pinterest!

We have been sorting and matching Uppercase and Lowercase with Melissa and Doug’s Magnetic Wooden Letters. Connor even put them in alphabetic order as he made pairs!

lower caseAlso spread out  52 post-its on the living room floor with upper and lower case letters for Connor to find and match.  Using post-its kept the papers from flying around and Connor could then easily stick the pairs onto the door after he had found them.

lower case letters Collage lower case lettersThis was definitely a kindergartener only activity.  He needed a few breaks and a certain baby sister would have just created havoc with this activity!

We were also inspired by a worksheet that had in kindergarten.  It was a dot marker activity identifying different lower case letters.  We made our own to include all 52 letters to do a matching activity and since it is fall – we used acorns!  Acorn Upper Case Lower Case Letter Matching-page-0Download a free printable here:  Acorn Upper Case Lower Case Letter Matching

We have been doing all kinds of cool stuff with acorns!

learning lower case letters

At last progress report he can readily identify 25 lower cares letters – we are working on that tricky j!

31 days 2014

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5 thoughts on “Lower Case Letters (and a free printable!)

  1. Great ideas there, my girls are struggling with hearing the letter sounds, a few games of I spy may be in order I think. I amy use your post it notes idea.
    Thanks for linking #LetKidsBeKids

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