Time alone with my son, Connor

I remember the first time I referred to Connor as my son.  We were checking in at one of his first doctor’s appointments when he was an infant.  It caught me off guard a bit.  Sometimes I am still amazed that we made this little guy! We spent almost three years as family of just the three of us!


Shortly after Amelia was born, I realized how important it was for Connor to have one on one time with us as individual parents.  As much as he loves his sister and as quickly as he took to being a big brother, my son still needed Mama time especially.  The hardest part for him was when Amelia was nursing.  It was tough for him to see Amelia that close to Mama and being told that he couldn’t climb on top of us too.son

Since they have both gotten older, it is nice to have one on one time.  For his birthday he asked to spend the day at home with me while his sister went to the sitter. Often Daddy and I will split up the kids to do errands. In the past few weeks, Connor and I have had some time just the two of us to do some great activities that would be challenging with his sister around, like of Christmas Science projects or learning activities that require more patience than his sister has to sit through.

santa boggers

He loves spending time with his Dad too.  Last weekend we put his booster seat in Dad’s truck and they hauled off leaves and brush after cleaning up the yard.  Connor had never been in the truck before, a two seater so he was in the “front seat”. He told me that Dad cranked up the radio and they were rockin’ out!

As much a they love each other, I can tell my son needs some individual attention.  Sometimes it is just cuddling and reading stories, but other times it is being able to do stuff that he can’t do with his sister around!

Fizzy Dough31 days 2014

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