Time with my daughter, Amelia

Since Amelia our second child, I have rarely spent any alone time together with my daughter. I kept Connor at home with us while I was on maternity leave only sending him to the sitter for a half day once a week. Usually when we split up the kids to do errands, Connor most often stays with me. And honestly, Amelia is a pain to shop with!  So it was a rare treat when I had a work holiday that Connor still had school so Amelia and I had two whole days together!

Amelia and I just weaned from nursing well after two years. So most of out bonding time together has been very focused.  I almost didn’t know what we would do to fill up two whole days.

At first I was tempted to just let her guide our activities.  After 45 minutes of hair pulling Amelia combing my hair, I decide that we needed try out some things that she normally doesn’t do with her brother because he either takes over or it is just more challenging with two kids.

First we painted.  She was just ecstatic to get the water colors all to herself! She did a remarkably good job of keeping colors separated and not turning everything to mud. Connor would paint forever, going through stacks and stacks of paper, turning out picture after picture (he only gets cheap white paper these days!) So I was startled when Amelia was done after two.  Discovering new things about my children every day!


We counted and color sorted with the counting bears. She had such a good time playing, counting and sorting them.  She lined them up, played with them, made them talk to each other.

Learning ColorsWe did a lot of snuggling.  Even though she is not nursing, she still needs that one on one cuddle time.  She clearly needed that more than nursing, but it was very hard for both of us to let that go.

Mostly we did a lot of just hanging out and being silly as a mother and daughter! She is a goofy girl!

daughter31 days 2014

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One thought on “Time with my daughter, Amelia

  1. Each one of my boys have been so different in personality. My youngest being the most laid back of all 3. He is more content with a random hug and then time spent playing quietly in his room.. Now his big thing is board games. He loves them… and is quite the competitor.

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