Learning with acorns

AcornsAcorns just say fall! Who hasn’t been conked on the head by a falling one at this time of year? While we don’t have any oak trees in our yard, Grandma Ellie’s lawn is covered with them and we headed over to gather a big bag.  The gathering of acorns is just as much fun as an egg hunt. The kids had a blast and we helped clean off grandma’s yard!
Once we got them all home, we did a variety of activities including the uppercase and lowercase letter matching.

Acorn Upper Case Lower Case Letter Matching-page-0We worked on numbers and counting too. Amelia just counted them over and over again as she dumped them out and put them back in a bowl. Connor and I have been working on counting past 10 and grouping into groups of ten to see how the numbers look. It is one thing to count by rote; it is a whole other thing to understand how our number system works.
I had created a chart for Connor to visualize counting out the numbers in columns of 10. I left enough space to both place counting items as well as space to practice writing out his numbers.


Downloaded it here: Counting Worksheets

I hope to try and do some crafting with them soon. I have seen some adorable crafts with googly eyes, but Amelia still insists on tearing off every googly eye she finds on one of our crafts.I have found a few other cool acorns activities too! We can’t wait to try these too.

FREE Roll and Color – Fall Edition from Blessed Beyond a Doubt

Acorn Fine Motor Fall Sensory Activities Science And Math Play from Little Bins

Glitter Acorns from Feels Like Home

In the meantime, they look lovely just in a pretty wooden bowl.


31 days 2014

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4 thoughts on “Learning with acorns

  1. I haven’t seen any acorns this year, even though we have an oak tree on the farm. Millions of conkers, but no acorns, so don’t know if animals have taken them all off before we’ve seen them.

    Some great ideas, and you’re right, they do look really pretty in the bowl

  2. I definitely pinned this for later. Even though we don’t have acorns here in Arizona, I’m sure I could use something like rocks. My son loves them! I’m going to need to do some fun activities with him in the upcoming weeks. 🙂

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