Homemade Play Dough

A review of some popular homemade play dough recipes!

I really don’t care for store bough play dough.  There is a newer version called Playdo Plus which is super soft, but it costs a bit more. So we seem to be on a bit of a play dough making binge these days!  But there are so many cool recipes out there, any good parents must try them ALL!

Homemade Play DoughSanta Boogers

Up first middle top is the Santa Boogers from the Powol Pack Christmas Science for Kids Book. We made it with red food coloring, but should have used a bit more to get it redder.  I though green would have made some nice elf boogers!  Carla uses a simple glue and borax recipe which seemed to work perfectly.  Connor loved making it! We have stored it in a plastic container and it has lasted several weeks now with no issues.  It does not combine with any other doughs, which is fine by me, but the kids like to mix everything together!

santa boggers

Jello Play Dough

The bright red play dough was made with jello.  There are bazillion recipes out there including TeachingMama.org but basically it is salt dough with an added package of jello.  We did a small box (even though most called for the larger box) and it came out brilliant red!  I also used the full on sugar variety, but I have seen enough posts to believe that the sugar free would work as well. This one smelled great and felt soft and squishy for weeks – but I didn’t refrigerate it and it went bad.  So sad!

homemade play dough

Bouncy Ball

The bottom two are from from a post called How to Make a Bouncy Ball from The 36th Avenue. We decided to make them after Connor lost a rubber ball down a heating duct. Connor made his green and Amelia picked yellow, but somewhere along the line they got combine.  It is more like dense silly putty.  The biggest challenge to this recipe is that it calls for a very small amount of white glue which is surprisingly hard to measure!  It has definitely lost it ball shape but it is still fun to play with!

homemade play dough

Kool-aid Play Dough

Connor’s favorite was the large green glob was a kool-aid tarter free recipe from Pink and Green Mama. I love this recipe because the unsweetened kool-aid packets are so cheap and smell so good. I only used on packet and the color was fine.  Connor was a bit disappointed that our small grocery store didn’t carry blue.  We will have to look for that flavor in a bigger store!

homemade play dough

Soft Play Dough

Amelia’s favorite was the white ball in the middle. It is Quirky Momma’s Kids Activities Blog favorite made with cornstarch and hair conditioner. It was super sticky to start out with.  I am note sure if I had the proportions right or what happened. Maybe it was my conditioner? A lot went down the drain when we washed our hands after we mixed it together.  I let it air dry for a few hours and it became much more workable.  It has a really stretchy doughy consistency.  It does have a really strong perfuming smell because of the conditioner.

homemade play dough

Still to try:

Glitter Slime and Play Dough made with Crayons!

31 days 2014

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