Bedtime Stories

We have read to the kids every night at bedtime since they were infants.  While Connor has always been a very attentive listener, Amelia is just catching on to the idea.  We often read our library books although the kids do have a huge collection of books as well.  Ideally we would read bedtime stories in Amelia’s room where they sleep.

When Daddy has a late night meeting, I frequently let the both kids snuggle up in my bed (and maybe watch a cartoon or movie depending on my level of exhaustion!) As it gets colder, I am certainly the one who wants to snuggle up in my bed rather than sit with them next to their bed.  Lately we have some chilly nights!


Last night was a chilly night and Daddy had a meeting so we snuggled in and put on some quiet music and decided that story telling, instead of book reading was a good way to settle down.  Connor was all over this!  He had all kinds of stories to tell.  They made no sense what so ever, but listening to his little imagination is full overdrive was amazing.  Amelia did not have any idea what was going on, so we needed to read a quick book she had picked out and incorporate those characters into my story.

I love those special quiet times, we we can truly slow down and just share bedtime stories.  To cuddle them close in the dark and listen to their sweet little voice say “I love you Mama” is just heaven on earth.

31 days 2014

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