Fall Fun: A Pumpkin Festival and a Corn Maze

Oops!  I missed a day. I am participating in the 31 day challenge at Write 31 Days from the Nester.  However, my topic – 31 Days of Stop, Drop and Parent, means that sometimes things get dropped…. yesterday it was the blog! However, it is completely because we have dedicated some weekend time to fun family activities – 2 of which I am happy to share which makes up for my missing post!  Right?!?

fall fun

Fall Fun #1

Despite the chaos that occurred along side the pumpkin festival, home of the Guinness World Record for the most lit jack-o-lanterns.  We haven’t been since we have had kids because it is super crowded, but this year we decided to go during the morning time before the crowds really filled the streets.The kids got dressed up and we saw the unlit pumpkins and participated in the costume parade.

fall fun

Captain America ran into Donatello and it was pretty funny!

fall fun CollageWe saw the big tower of pumpkins!

fall fun 4

Even Wally and Ribby made an appearance.

fall funFall Fun #2

We were thrilled when our friends invited us to go to a local corn maze.  This year the theme was Frozen so it was a super big hit with all the kids – and the mamas too!

fall fun 6The corn maze itself was a lot of fun (well, except that one time we kept getting lost in circles) With lots of Frozen themed clues and music playing.

fall funThere were also a ton of other activities and the kids had a blast!

fall fun 6 CollageYou would have thought they would have been tired at the end of the day, right?  Nope, not my kids!  But this mama was exhausted!

fall fun 3 Collage

31 days 2014

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