Fall Bucket List

I had been neglecting our Fall Bucket list this year as we have also been in the middle of a serious kitchen renovation and I was feeling like we weren’t doing too much as a family.  When I looked at it this weekend, I realized that we have almost completed our list!

Fall Bucket List

Here is our Fall Bucket List update!

Go apple picking: We went apple picking in CT.
Visit the pumpkin patch: I think our visit to the pumpkin festival counts!
Carve a Jack o’ lantern: We did do this after we scooped out the pumpkin seeds.
Jump in a leaf pile: Connor spent a lot of time with Dad raking and jumping!
Fall photo shoot: I have a lead on a local photographer – so maybe!
Drink hot apple cider: Not yet but I think we can manage this one before the end of fall.
Tag our Christmas tree: We should have done this by now.  We go to a great tree farm, but the forecast is not looking good for a warm sunny day to go tagging, which is why we would do it now anyway.  Daddy keeps suggesting a parking lot tree this year and I may just give in.
Get dressed up and go trick or treating: Friday – here we come!
Try some leaf crafts: Yes!  We made paper leaves and placemats!
Bake an apple pie: Daddy made one just last weekend!
Get lost in a corn maze: We did this with friends this past weekend!  Even with a map, we still got a little lost!
Have fun at the Pickle Festival: Of course!  Every year!
Make butternut squash soup: We haven’t gotten any butternut squash in our farm share yet, but we should this week.
Make applesauce: I skipped applesauce this year and we made apple crisp instead!
Share a treat with our friends: We will make s treat for Connor’s first school party this week!

So really, we have accomplished most things (or something close) and can easily finish up the rest soon from our fall bucket list!  I am still hoping to tag our Christmas tree, but it better warm up again!

31 days 2014


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