Including kids in home renovations!

Child labor or great parenting?

I remember being really bored while my parents were doing all of this home renovation when I was a kid.  Granted I was only child for most of that time and we seemed to live in the middle of no where.  I also remember it being a lot more fun when I got to help! I don’t know how old I was when that started.  I remember wallpapering a bedroom when I was 10 or so. Given that we have so very little time to work on our kitchen renovation that we started last MAY, it seemed that we needed a little extra help.  Thus we included our 2 year old and 5 year old in our kitchen renovation!

First of all, they are not great at wallpaper removal…. They don’t know when to stop scraping!  On the flip side, they are pretty good at spackling! They can spend a long time just piling on the spackle, and then as a parent you can go and smooth it out!


This weekend was painting!  I brought out the paint and primer, put on their paint shirts and let them go to town!  They both had a blast.  Connor painted his name over and over again.  Amelia then went and ruined it.  Then Mama went and painted over it!

I can’t wait until it is time to install the cupboards! How old you do you have to be to use the power drill?

31 days 2014

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