A girl and her pony tails

Amelia loves her pony tails – or her “ponies”. She didn’t have much hair until well after her 1st birthday.  She made up for it in adorable cheeks!

pony tailsShe first insisted on ponies at the sitter’s.  Our sitter loves to do all the little girls hair Amelia climbed in her lap and instead on ponies as soon as she had “some hair.

Pony tails!Since that day she has become obsessed!  She wants ponies all the time.  She prefers the sitter’s ponies to mine.  When I do her ponies they do tend to fall out more easily.  I also tend to do the one top pony – two ponies are hard to get even!

pony tails

And of course, Amelia want to do ponies to us too!  Can I say ouch!?!?! Normally she doesn’t get as far as actually getting the elastic entangled in my hair. She just wants to pull and tug at my hair for hours……….  And those pony tail elastics need to be kept under lock and key!  They come in packages of hundreds and before you know it she has the whole box dumped in the middle of the living room floor!

So I always stop and ask her if I can do her hair.  Most often she wants to wait and have the sitter do her ponies, but if she will let me, I will try. And if she want to do my ponies, well, I will probably let her…

31 days 2014

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