Playing games and learning together

While I was driving home, I was racking my brain to try and think of something that the kids and I could do before dinner. I wanted to do something in which both kids could be learning, but I wasn’t up for a big craft project or messy activity.  It turns out that Connor and Amelia had already picked out a great game for us to play with when I got home.

Way back when I posted about the Ready for Kindergarten workshops we attended when Connor was about 3 or so.  We attended about 6 sessions offered through our local school aimed at both Connor and Amelia’s age group. As part of the program they provide you with a HUGE binder of different activities, milestones and strategies.  Included is a basic game board with all kinds on add-ons to do different matching games using Velcro attachments.


So many possibilities and so many different ways to play that fit both kids learning needs.  Amelia would match the colors she is learning while Connor told her the names of the colors.  Amelia set up the board while Connor matched the confusing b d p q g shapes he is learning.  They both worked on 2D and 3D shapes. It was quick and easy, they both had fun and both were learning!

We could easily make the board bigger.  Currently, ours has just 12 spaces for matching (2 rows of 6).  I was thinking that we could make a larger board with some additional squares and the card matching is endless!

Putting poster board and velcro on the shopping list!

Check out to see if there is a Ready for Kindergarten program in your area!

31 days 2014

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