Wrapping up 31 days!

Today I have completed the 31 Day Writing Challenge from the Nester, along with many other bloggers I have gotten to read through this community. My topic Stop, Drop and Parent was my second attempt at this challenge, after doing it last October as well. I did better this year, with regard to my posting.  I only had to combine two days (Days 25 and 26) where as last year there were many more. And I hope I am a better parent too!

I think as the kids get older, there is a much greater opportunity to do more structured activities, which certainly helps on the blogging front! As a kindergartener, Connor wants to do more structured activities, like all of the Christmas Science projects.  And Amelia is starting to go along with these activities since she wants to do everything her brother does!

Clearly the biggest benefit of this writing challenge is that it does make me more focused on what I can be doing that is stimulating and interesting to my children. This helps us build family traditions and memories. And to take photos to document such activities!

The fall is always a challenging time of year for me. Because I have just about always worked in education, it is the beginning of the academic year and thus super busy.  But it is also the end of summer which makes me super sad.  The timing of this challenge, helps me to engage in the fun that is fall!

Until next year!

31 days 2014

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