Apple Pumpkin Squash Soup

Apple Pumpkin Squash SoupMy favorite thing about fall is flavors of fall food.  Having a farm share at an organic farm also means that veggies don’t always last as long without chemicals and preservatives so sometimes it is all about using up what you have quick!  Looking at what was on the counter, I made some Apple Pumpkin Squash Soup!


I baked some delicata squash and  a few apples.  I baked them all whole and then cut cut the squash to scrap out the seeds.  I totally should have cored the apples first…. Then I tossed in the squash, apple and some leftover pumpkin (from the cookies) in a saucepan with some chicken stock.  Since all the veggies and fruit were well cooked, this was really just to warm everything up to the same temperature and to mix in the flavor from the chicken stock along with some spices.  I added a smidgen of curry, but mostly cinnamon and ginger.

soup 2

Then I pour the whole pot of apple, pumpkin and squash, along with some whole milk (we were out of heavy cream) into the blender until it was nice and creamy soup.

Apple Pumpkin Squash Soup is super yummy!

Apple Pumpkin Squash Soup

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