Elf on the Shelf: An upgrade

This year, Alfie, our Elf on the Shelf got a bit of an upgrade!  I had seen a few tutorials online before to make your elf’s arms and legs bendable, but mine didn’t see to go quite as others had posted so here is my suggestions!

elf on the shelf

Elf on the Shelf: Alfie 2.0

Step #1

Make sure that you have enough time alone with out little eyes sneaking up on you.  I ended up doing this at 4 am one morning when I couldn’t sleep, but yet I was almost caught by a wandering 2 year old.  Then gather your supplies! I used thread and needle, a seam ripper, bendable craft wire and some wire cutters.

elf on the shelf

Step #2

To insert bendable craft wire into your elf on the shelf, generously rip open the hands and feet of your elf.  Our Alfie’s limbs are stuffed with tubes of stiff paper and I really needed to see where I was poking the craft wire. I used some plastic covered craft wire I had on hand. I ended up sticking in wire as far as I could go and then trimming it off with wire cutters. I was able to put three lengths of wire into each limb. Basically I was looking to figure out the right amount I needed for the flexibility and hold I was after.

elf on the shelf

Our elf on the shelf only has openings are his feet, not the back of his knees as referred to in other tutorials.

Step #3

Once his craft wires are in place.  I did quick stitching to close up the openings! He is ready to go!

elf on the shelf

I also have some Velcro dots to attach to his hands so that he can hold on a bit better, but alone time for secret stitching is hard to come by!

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