Elf on the Shelf: Tradition

The number one reason that we do the Elf on the Shelf in our house, is because the KIDS LOVE HIM!  They get out of bed each morning, eager to find him, they can’t wait to show me where he has landed each morning.  They love to talk about what Alfie has been doing to their friends.  We get to hear all kinds of stories about what other neighborhood elves are up to as well.

There is one Elf on the Shelf activity that we have done every year in our house.  Connor has loved it each year and by this year he was asking Alfie when he was going to bring magic seeds!  Fortunately Alfie doesn’t give away his time table for these activities…

elf on the shelf

Each year, Alfie brings a bagful of magic seeds (tic tacs) and a letter giving instructions on how to plant the seeds and some friendly reminders about behaviors.  Amazingly Alfie has brought the SAME LETTER with the same friendly reminders THREE years in a row!  Connor eat you dinner and Amelia get a good night’s sleep!

elf on the shelf

This year they grew into candy canes, but red and green candy canes.  In fact there were the same number of green and red seeds as there were green and red candy canes.  However, Connor did ask why they had wrappers….

Read about previous year’s magic seeds here:
Our first year
Our second year

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