Elf on the Shelf: More Alfie Antics!

Our Elf on the Shelf continues to bring excitement to Connor and Amelia every morning. He is certainly taking full advantage of the Christmas decorations now that there are more up around the house.  Some of these have definitely become perennial favorites!

Alfie loves to sit in the jingle bell wreath!

elf on the shelf

He is a big fan of checking out the advent calendar.

elf on the shelf

This year Alfie made some super cool snowflakes and even a couple with the Super Hero Templates.

elf on the shelf

One morning our Elf on the Shelf hid way up high, on the curtain rod with the snowflake garland in the dark dining room.  Even Mama couldn’t find him!

elf on the shelf

I was a little nervous when Alfie started hanging out with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, because I was worried Connor might think his toys come alive at night – which would put him over the edge.  But Connor understood that our Elf on the Shelf was just playing with the toys!

elf on the shelf

Alfie always likes to hide inside the Christmas tree!

elf on the shelf

He has taken a ride on Rudolph once or twice before too!

2014-12-19 07.15.15-1

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